Custom made – properly!

No one likes to wear ill-fitting clothes. To make sure that the shirt or blouse fits perfectly, it is important to pay attention to the fit and right size. Or you can have a shirt individually tailored, which is a service ETERNA offers thanks to its CUSTOM MADE program. Whether it's a tailor-made shirt or simply a matter of selecting the right size in ready-to-wear clothing: the important thing for the customer is to know his/her body size. Below we explain how to determine your correct size:

The sleeve length must be measured while standing up. The measurement must be taken with the arms angled at the sides, and the length must be measured with a measuring tape at the outside of the arm, the so-called elbow-point. The measurement must be taken from the shoulder bone to the end of the desired end of the cuff.

To determine the right size of collar, the measuring tape must be placed around the neck, just below the larynx, where you later wish to fit the collar of the shirt. When taking the measurement, the index finger should be enclosed by the measuring tape to ensure that the collar fits comfortably and not too tightly.

In women, the circumference of the upper body is called bust size; in men it is often referred to as chest measurement. This measurement is taken across the breast at the widest point (usually at the level of the nipples), measured from the left to the right side seam. The measurement is then multiplied by two to arrive at the circumference.

To determine the waist measurement, measure across the most narrow part of the upper body, from the left to the right side seam. To obtain the circumference, multiply the measured valued by two.

For women's clothing, the hip width is also often crucial for the fit. This is calculated by measuring the hip circumference horizontally at the widest part around the body.

The body length or shirt length must be measured from directly below the collar to the desired hem of the shirt. In a classic shirt, the shirt hemline should end just below the buttocks. When taking the measurements, it should be kept in mind that the shirt folds and the cut of the back will cause the shirt hem to creep up somewhat when worn.