Satin weave

Satin weave is the third type of basic weave alongside plain weave and twill weave. Satin weave is easily distinguished as the fabric is double-sided. Satin has a particularly smooth surface. Due to their luxurious shine, satin shirts are often worn as dress shirts. Satin weaves are used alternately with other weaves in order to obtain beautiful matt/lustre effects.



Seersucker has a textured surface with a deliberate wrinkled or ruffled effect. This look is achieved by using a particular weave or finish. Seersucker is especially suitable for summer clothing, as it does not lie flat on the body due to its relief-like surface, thus keeping the heat away and allowing air to circulate.


Semi-stiff collar

The semi-stiff collar is the clothing item that gave the established fashion company ETERNA its name. The founders of the company, the Hönigsberg brothers, named their invention - a semi-stiff collar made of patented double-weave - ETERNA, which then became their brand name. Thus, they created a novelty: For the first time, collars no longer had to be buttoned on to shirts.


Shark collar

The shark collar typically features wide-angled collar tips. This collar position is also suitable for neckties with a broad tie knot. This collar is always correct, both with and without a tie. A shark collar is particularly suitable for all modern sleek suit silhouettes.



The shirt is a piece of clothing with neck and arm openings, which is available in different lengths and with different sleeves, neck and collar shapes. Shirts are worn by both men and women. Properly combined, a shirt looks very fashionable and casually elegant on women.



Silk is a very fine, natural textile fibre which originates from China. It is made from the cocoons of silkworms, the larva of the silk moth. As silk consists mainly of protein, it has the best skin compatibility properties of all textile fibres. Owing to its particularly fine, smooth fibre texture, silk is very smooth and soft. Typical fabrics produced in further silk processing are chiffon, satin and taffeta. Silk is hallmarked by its sheen and strength. In addition, silk fabrics also absorb colour very well. Silk has excellent insulating properties and is warm in winter and cool in summer. Silk fabrics are very sensitive to water and must therefore be washed carefully by hand.


Single jersey

These are knitted fabrics, and they can be either warp or weft knitted. One side of the fabric has knit stitches, giving it a ribbed appearance. The other side of the fabric has purl stitches, resulting in a smooth, closed surface. Single jersey is stretchy, soft and thin.


Sleeve length

ETERNA men's shirts are available with long and short sleeves; ETERNA women's blouses are available with long sleeves, medium sleeves, short sleeves and sleeveless, so you can order your favourite blouse any time online, regardless of temperature or season. In our ETERNA shop, long sleeve blouses are listed in the '1/1 sleeve' category and short sleeve blouses in the '1/2 sleeve' category. Blouses classified as '3/4 sleeves' are women's blouses with sleeves that end just under the elbow. Sleeveless women's blouses are listed in the 'sleeveless' category.


Slim Fit

Slim Fit is the figure-hugging slim fit cut of the latest ETERNA line of shirts. Due to the slim fit, these very fashionable shirts particularly appeal to young, trendy customers. Slim Fit shirts and blouses are a tasteful and subtle indication of fashion awareness on the part of their wearers. Other cuts are Comfort Fit and Modern Fit.


Smart Casual

The term 'smart casual' refers to casual wear that can be worn at work as well: dark blue or black jeans, high-quality t-shirts and polo shirts.


Sports cuff

There are different ways to finish off a sleeve. The classic single-layered sports cuff features one button to close the cuff. It is the most widespread form of cuff. Often two closing buttons are arranged next to each other to adjust the cuff to the width of the arm wrist.


Sports jacket

The sports jacket is an important part of men’s outerwear in the Western world. Jackets are buttoned up at the front and have a collar which lies down flat (lapels), somewhat similar to shirts. Jackets come in many variants, for example with a single or double row of buttons and either a central single vent or two side vents. Combined with a shirt and tie, the sports jacket can be worn either at the office or on formal occasions. It is also suitable for leisurewear, if worn with casual chinos or jeans in combination with a polo shirt or a t-shirt.


Stretch / Non-iron

Shirts made of the textile combination stretch and non-iron are comfortably stretchy and non-iron at the same time. Shirts with this finish therefore combine excellent wearability and easy care.


Stretch fabric

Stretch fabric is a collective term for fabrics that are made stretchy by incorporating elastic fibres or by means of a special finish. In our cotton/elastane fabrics, the elasticity is achieved by using cotton yarns containing synthetic elastic fibres. The higher the elastane content in the fabric, the more stretchy the fabric and the more attractively it lies on the body. It ensures excellent wear comfort as well as dimensional stability, durability and ease of care.


Swiss Cotton

Men's shirts should have a classy look and be comfortable; therefore, many ETERNA shirts are made of Swiss Cotton, a high-quality, non-iron cotton fabric from Switzerland. This fabric produced exclusively for ETERNA is of exquisite quality and offers optimal wearing comfort. The quality label 'Swiss Cotton' is synonymous with carefully selected extra long cotton fibres and high-quality workmanship, made in Switzerland. Only about 3 per cent of all cotton produced worldwide meets the strict quality standards of Swiss Cotton. Men's shirts made of Swiss Cotton are a delight to wear and impress with their long life.