A t-shirt is a short-sleeved casual top, usually made of jersey material with a round neck. Nowadays, t-shirts come with a broad range of different necklines and sleeves. For example, they can have long sleeves as well as short sleeves. T-shirts can be worn at numerous occasions in leisure time and can be combined with anything.


Tab collar

A firm fabric tab, in conjunction with small press studs, keeps the two collar wings tightly in place, creating the typical narrow spread of the collar. The tab collar is a favourite among classic collar shapes and is suitable for all formal occasions. However, the tab collar must always be worn with a tie.



The tailcoat is the most elegant and formal type of evening wear. A tailcoat is a waist-length jacket that tapers with one or two tapering tails at the back. Tailcoats are combined with a white bow tie.


Tailored shirt

Proper tailored shirts are custom-fitted by hand or the measurements are recorded in a computer by means of a 3D laser scan. With ETERNA's CUSTOM MADE program, shirts can be fitted exactly to the style and figure of the customer very easily using the home computer. A free choice of fabrics, cuts, sizes and widths, as well as individual embroidery turn a shirt into a highly individualised item of clothing. The individual features of a CUSTOM MADE shirt include a choice of various collar and cuff designs. Far more than 10,000 individual options are available in the CUSTOM MADE program.



Tencel™ is made of cellulosic fibres with botanical origin. Tencel is characterised by its smooth touch and enhanced breathability. The material is also known as lyocell.


Textured weave

Textured weaves are often used with stripes to make them stand out visually and texturally. Here, a smooth plain weave alternates with a more voluminous weave.


Textured weave

Textured weaves are often used with stripes to make them stand out visually and texturally. Here, a smooth plain weave alternates with a more voluminous weave.


Tie-neck collar

Blouses with a tie-neck collar feature a collar extended by a tapering length of fabric. This length of fabric can be either tied up neatly into a bow or casually looped.


Tie-waist blouse

A tie-waist blouse typically has sash-shaped tailored elements that are crossed over each other, wrapped around the waist and securely tied. This look can also be achieved by front and back elements that are crossed over and buttoned up.


Tunic-style blouse

Nowadays, a tunic is understood to be a loose-fitting blouse, often without a collar. Tunic-style blouses mostly have a longer cut and side slits. Initially, a tunic was a garment worn by men and women from Roman antiquity up to the Middle Ages.


Turn-down collar

Turn-down collar is a generic term for all kinds of typical collars, such as the shark collar or the Kent collar. Straight, pointed collar tips are typical of the broad turn-down collar. They can be used without restriction with all business shirts.



Twill weave is one of the three basic weaves. A characteristic feature is the visible diagonals on the fabric, the twill line. Depending on the weave construction, this can sometimes be clearly and strongly accentuated or only slightly visible. This means that twill materials can range from a smooth, soft feel to a more voluminous handle, right though to a stiff handle.


Twill weave

Twill weave is one of the three basic types of bonding for woven fabrics, in addition to plain weave and satin weaves. Twill weave is marked by diagonal ribs or twill lines. If the twill lines are running from the top left to the bottom right corner, it is classified as an S-twill (or left-hand twill); if the twill lines are running from the bottom left to the top right, it is a Z-twill (or right-hand twill). This classification is based on the direction of the middle section of the two letters.



A twinset is a two-piece consisting of a sweater and cardigan made from the same yarn in the same colour. A twinset generally looks very feminine and elegant, and is at the same time sporty and casual.


Two ply

Two ply is a type of weave where the weft yarns as well as the warp yarns (cross and longitudinal yarns) are twisted before weaving. This production method, which was originally used for the standardised production of men's shirts, requires extensive additional effort. Therefore, two-ply quality is nowadays only used for top quality shirts. Moreover, the twisted yarns make for improved automatic straightening of the fabric, which means that two-ply products are very easy to care for. In addition to the crease-resistant fabric, the high-twist cotton yarns are exquisite to the touch and offer especially comfortable wear.