Promotion (Voucher) Terms & Conditions

Promotion terms and conditions in the ETERNA Online Shop

We have put together our promotion terms and conditions and the rules for the use of promotional vouchers for you here.

As a rule, each discount code can only be used once per purchase and per customer. If other redemption conditions apply, this will be noted in the individual promotion or voucher terms. Only one discount code can be used per order. It is not possible to combine different discount codes. The value of the discount codes cannot be paid out in cash, nor can the value of a discount code be otherwise offset. We will not refund any unused portion of any discount code. Please note possible restrictions of the promotional vouchers, including the items it can be used for individual promotions and vouchers, these restrictions can apply to special collections, a selection of goods, certain segments of the product range or have other restrictions. These are set out in the promotion terms and conditions and cannot be subsequently changed or extended. Discount codes issued to customers are excluded from resale; transfer or resale is strictly prohibited.

The valid period of ETERNA's promotions and vouchers activities is clearly set out in the individual promotion or voucher terms. Subject to those terms, you can use the voucher or take advantage of the promotion during that time. After the end of the promotion there is no entitlement to a discount or advantage. This also applies in the event of an incorrect order or a requested exchange; you may lose any entitlement to a discount or advantage in these circumstances. Please bear the length of the promotional period in mind. ETERNA reserves the right to terminate a promotion prematurely at its discretion or if an improper use of the vouchers is noticed. ETERNA also reserves the right to modify or cancel a promotion or voucher at any time.

The validity of the discount codes is limited. Discount codes expire after the date indicated on the discount code. Any extension to the expiry date is ruled out.

The amount of the minimum purchase value (actual value of the order) is stated in the individual promotion or voucher terms. ETERNA reserves the right to charge the difference between an order with a discount code and an order without a discount code if the return of one or more items results in a purchase value below the minimum purchase value. The purchase value before any returns is not relevant for the applicability of a coupon code.

In order to guarantee the fastest possible processing of your order, the ordering process in the ETERNA online shop is largely automated. Therefore you cannot apply a voucher, discount or coupon code after you have placed the order.

The redemption of discount codes, vouchers or other bonus systems from third parties, such as Miles&More or Paypal, are subject to separate terms . We have no control over the validity of the offers or discount codes on third-party sites.

If you make use of your right to cancel or if the goods are returned for any other reason, only the reduced purchase price will be refunded. There is no right to a return of the discount code or to a new discount code if the promotion has already ended.

Please understand that we cannot make a direct exchange. In such a case, we ask you to return the unwanted item to us and place a new order in the online shop.

If you do not comply with or breach these terms and conditions – or those set out in the individual promotion or voucher terms – we may invalidate the voucher and/or cancel your order. We may also do this if you misuse or abuse our promotions or vouchers.